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Black Rock Editions is pleased to announce two new prints by Northern Cheyenne Artist Jordan Craig. What started as a “Hi-let’s-get-to-know-you-print” has turned into a couple of beautiful etchings. It’s not uncommon for shops to introduce a new medium to an artist through a no-risk first effort. Jordan did two images to familiarize herself with the etching process. The first “Dot Drawing; Blue Gray No.1” echoes motifs from her paintings but with a deeply bitten plate giving the surface
a tactile three-dimensional surface. Combined with a subtle chine colle, the print projects an alluring presence at any distance it is viewed. The second print “Liking Olives Now” is a multi-plate etching with a reference to a childhood fear of olives and crinkled paper. We can’t help with the olives but we can keep the paper smooth and creaseless. So stay tuned for further updates.

Dot Drawing; Blue Grey No 1
Etching with chine colle
18″ x 15″
Ed 15
LIking Olives Now
Etching Aquatint on colle
22 1/2″ x 20″
Ed 20

More to come..

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