Katherine Lee

“I’ve known Katherine Lee for well on 10 plus years now and have long admired her art, mark making and that inquisitive mind. Very typical of Katherine, when she invites you over for dinner not only has she made amazing tamales but has grown the corn for the masa, milled it and fashioned all of it by hand. The entire meal is not made but crafted; so it was with great excitement we at the Rock invited her into our metaphorical kitchen. 

She immediately grasped all the nuance and subtleties involved with the making (she is above all, a maker of things). We created a multi-colored lithograph and an etching to boot. I could not have been happier with the results; it’s not often I get to collaborate with an artist and relate the how and why all the elements work. We went through the histories of etching and lithography thoroughly and at times the crew resembled lecturers rather than printers. It was great.” -Steve Campbell