2020 | How It Happened

The Shop

In 2020, Landfall Press celebrates five decades of operation, since its founding in Chicago, in 1970. Landfall Press and the team of Jack, Steve and Chris have been in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2004. Together, (Jack and Steve) as a team since 1989 (Chris joined in 2004), they have continually published and printed fine art editions for a diverse and international group of artists. This historic achievement is celebrated in a major traveling exhibition currently at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Landfall Press: Five Decades of Printmaking, along with a forthcoming 600 page book that documents Landfall’s fifty years in its entirety. (check out for book purchase information.)

Therefore, Jack Lemon has chosen 2020 as the perfect moment to close the book on Landfall and turn the page to begin a new chapter. As of January 1, 2020, Landfall Press ceased operations as a printer/publisher. The entire workshop in Santa Fe will remain intact and become a new business with a rock-solid foundation to build upon. Black Rock Editions, LLC, directed by Steve and Chris Campbell began operation in January 2020. Jack Lemon steps away, knowing that Landfall’s legacy is secure, and the tools of his trade are in the capable hands of Steve and Chris Campbell.

Black Rock Editions, LLC, is founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to establish a fine art print shop dedicated to serving under-represented artists including but not limited to Black|Indigenous and POC, women and the LGBTQ+ community. The goal is to produce fine art limited edition prints (lithographs, etchings and woodcuts) in a collaborative, professional environment. The prints and multiples published by the company will be marketed through Black Rock Editions, LLC, and a known structure of national and international galleries. The objective is to establish and/or further the professional careers of the selected artists within the context of an established art world and museum network. The Southwest contains a dense concentration of Native artists. Black Rock Editions will be the only known print shop in the region whose mission is dedicated to serving these specific communities and by extension, the State of New Mexico and its historic Native cultures.

Black Rock Editions, LLC has established a gallery space to feature the company’s publications. A program of rotating themed exhibitions will be presented throughout the calendar year to feature other relevant artistic statements specific to the company’s mission. The company will also establish and maintain a robust on-line and social media presence to market and sell the publications and share news. The importance of this is to place the publications and Black Rock Editions, LLC in the most efficient global markets, with global accessibility for all.

There is a notion about the democracy of the print medium. While not everyone can afford a unique work by their favorite artist, almost anyone can afford a print by that artist. Black Rock Editions LLC, is dedicated to producing affordable editions of the highest quality. One of the programs to be initiated is The BRE Subscription Program. A subscription program identifies a number of works/editions that will be offered to collectors at a pre-publication package price, with the understanding that these works are purchased at a substantial savings from the retail value of each individual work. We like to think of the program as an “investment in the future”, and almost everyone knows that planning ahead can bring rewards.


Included in future programming for Black Rock Editions, LLC, workshops and classes will be scheduled to reach the Santa Fe community by offering interested individuals or groups an opportunity to explore the history, the making and the collecting of fine prints. Guest speakers will include artists, arts professionals, curatorial and academic practitioners, all known experts regarding a specific topic or subject of the program.

Keep checking back for updates and thank you for your support through a challenging year.