Starter Kit

The crew here at Black Rock felt it might be a good idea to offer a series of prints designed for the beginning print collector. This will most likely be a recurring monthly theme with the expressed intent of exposing our followers to some really good prints at some very reasonable pricing. The artists in each of these episodes range from early to established careers and hail from all parts of the country.

I’ve sold prints at art fairs for 30 odd years and a repeated question has always been “Will my print increase in value in the future?” The answer of course is some will and some won’t, but I have always been an advocate of buying what resonates with you. Good art you love is always a delight to live with. Chris and I have been fortunate to have accrued a pretty good selection with a substantial portion of it up on the walls. Our choices for the wall could be considered eclectic but I still stop and admire a different passage in a different print all the time.

The print medium is considered the most democratic of art mediums especially for beginning collectors, you may not be able to afford that painting or sculpture but by comparison, everyone can afford a print. So, please peruse, enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Jessica Abel
Girl’s Comics #5
21″ x 16″
Ed 25
Printed and published by Landfall Press

Richard Hull
25 1/4” x 33 1/4”
Ed 50
Printed and published by Landfall Press

Kathryn Lynch
22″ x 20″
edition 20
Printed and published by Landall Press

Jeanette Pasin Sloan
Espresso Cups
22″ x 22″
Ed 20
Printed and published by Landfall Press

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