Sergio Sánchez Santamaría

“I am a CDMX engraver, who came from a town without a future. Being in Mexico City, I got to know art and the need to express myself. I found this in the graphics, in the lithographic stones, and in the different printing systems. The Taller de Grafica Popular and the work of Leopoldo Méndez were seminal for wanting to follow that path until now, 25 years later …”
– Sergio Sánchez Santamaría

His latest project, El Nahual de Tlayacapan is available for purchase. Email us at for pricing. Follow us on Instagram .

The Nahual de Tlayacapan.

The Nahuals are Mexican pre-Hispanic mythical characters: they are witches, they are magicians, they are beastmen. Currently they have been almost forgotten. They could transform into various animals; Guajolotes, Roosters, Dogs, Coyotes, Donkeys, Pigs etc. I visualize the great Nahual as a humanized dog-coyote that sees you and that you do not see; the one who is there and but at the same time is not … the Nahual is me.