Jordan Craig

“I used to be wildly shy and a little superstitious. I feared crinkled paper and olives. I thought it was bad luck to clip my fingernails before big tests or competitions. I dreaded sleeping alone or speaking on the phone. Coloring outside the lines was a big no. I was incapable of telling lies, even white ones. I have not changed too much except maybe I talk too much now. My mother tells me her greatest gift is Native American blood: Northern Cheyenne and a little Zuni. She also gifted me her odd sense of humor,
extreme competitiveness and tremendous resilience.

My work keeps me up at night and gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve forgotten how to sleep. I tell stories about my childhood, family, trauma, healing and the appealing mundane. Working in series, I explore subjects like forgetting how to sleep, my relationship with my sisters, the life of an unlucky ladybug, and the translation of language and dreams. The dots and shapes are my words; the stories are in their rhythm.

My work is often beautiful, masking ugly histories. I keep Indigenous textiles, beads, pottery, and landscapes in my periphery when I make art. My work is the exploration of existence, time and space, woven from cultural memory and epiphany. The process is meticulous and meditative, often obsessive in mark and repetition. My personality, quirks, history, and family are inevitable influences in my life, all fundamental to how and
what I create. I seek to balance the familiar and the mysterious, shared stories andsecrets.”
-Jordan Craig

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