It’s Wiley Territory

This week we are going to be entering the world of Bill Wiley. Bill was one of my favorite Landfall Press repeat offenders. I have several Wileys in my personal stash and did my utmost to secure my favs by hook or by crook (mostly I’d look at the print and sigh until Jack would say “Just take It!”). Landfall was and by extension Black Rock is still full of Wiley memorabilia and props; a striped branch here, a tattooed guitar and a paper dunce cap there. They all still emanate his warmth and humor.

And so … this week we are going to share a bit that was Bill with you all. For your perusal and enjoyment are some of our last remaining Wileys from inventory. – Steve Campbell, 2021

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Signed | Sealed | Delivered

Fatima signing her new edition.

The proofing is over and the edition has been signed. Preparation and planning are the key to a successful run, you go over everything in your head, how much ink you’ll need, how much paper do you tear? Blotters, interleaving, drying times, all factor in to a good edition. All printers seek the perfect edition, it’s an elusive quarry (like trying to trap a unicorn or even glimpse one) but you do get close sometimes. I think the issue is one of intimacy, you’ve worked with all the matrices for so long they are like close friends and at times not so close. As a printer you recognize all the conditions that can affect the outcome of each impression- a little too much pressure while wiping this plate, not enough on the next, etc. In all honesty, give it a week or two and when you revisit the edition, you’ll think “I’m pretty damn good”, give it a year and you’ll feel you’re one of the best. All kidding aside Fatima’s etching “Hand with Hummingbird and Lover’s eye” was one of the smoothest runs start to finish that I have experienced, each impression pulled met with approval no matter how hard I scrutinized (I’m known for finding that dark cloud on the brightest day). It’s a perfect storm of a project: Fatima loves it, I love it and I hope you will too.
-Steve Campbell 2021

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