Signed | Sealed | Delivered

Fatima signing her new edition.

The proofing is over and the edition has been signed. Preparation and planning are the key to a successful run, you go over everything in your head, how much ink you’ll need, how much paper do you tear? Blotters, interleaving, drying times, all factor in to a good edition. All printers seek the perfect edition, it’s an elusive quarry (like trying to trap a unicorn or even glimpse one) but you do get close sometimes. I think the issue is one of intimacy, you’ve worked with all the matrices for so long they are like close friends and at times not so close. As a printer you recognize all the conditions that can affect the outcome of each impression- a little too much pressure while wiping this plate, not enough on the next, etc. In all honesty, give it a week or two and when you revisit the edition, you’ll think “I’m pretty damn good”, give it a year and you’ll feel you’re one of the best. All kidding aside Fatima’s etching “Hand with Hummingbird and Lover’s eye” was one of the smoothest runs start to finish that I have experienced, each impression pulled met with approval no matter how hard I scrutinized (I’m known for finding that dark cloud on the brightest day). It’s a perfect storm of a project: Fatima loves it, I love it and I hope you will too.
-Steve Campbell 2021

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